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Do you use an Amazon Kindle, the wireless reading device launched in the US by Amazon in November 2007?

If you do, I’m pleased to let you know that this blog,, is now available in the Kindle store where you can subscribe and so have all the content with you wherever you use your Kindle (still no sign of the Kindle yet in the UK, though, nor anywhere else outside the US).

The availability of my blog in the Kindle store is made possible by my relationship with Newstex – a news syndication service I’ve been involved with for the past few years which syndicates the content of my blog to mainstream media and other outlets – who got together with Amazon to offer Newstex’s Blogs On Demand in the Kindle store.

If you do subscribe to on your Kindle, I’d love to know. How is it? What’s the experience like? Do please let me know. And a screenshot would be tremendous!

In any event, I hope that (Kindle Edition) is of value to you.

[Update Jan 12:] Ask and you sometimes can receive: here’s what this blog looks like on Len Edgerley‘s Kindle:

kindle1sm kindle2sm

Click on the small images to see larger versions.


Len says:

Your blog looks great on my Kindle. I emailed you a couple of screenshots.

Thanks, Len, terrific!

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