No genius at O2

I was in a Twitter conversation this morning with Luke Razzell about the iPhone and our different experiences when something goes wrong.

In Luke’s case, he had a problem with the antenna of his iPhone. He visited an Apple Genius Bar where his problem was identified and his phone replaced.

How quick was it? Luke says:

It literally took 5 mins on the spot—Genius checked it was a hardware issue (antenna), then swapped it.

While he waited, in other words.

Contrast that with my experience where I visited my nearest O2 store last Friday; they checked the phone and confirmed it would be replaced under Apple warranty… which will take a week to ten days.

Of course, Luke and I have different issues with our respective iPhones although the end result is the same: replace our phones for us.

So why couldn’t O2 have done the replacement there and then? Just wondering.

Hmm, let me just recap my recent experience with O2:

  1. After the iPhone conked out on Boxing Day, I spent the better part of 100 minutes over the subsequent week in three different calls on hold to O2’s iPhone support number, two of them on a landline at national call rate, the other on a mobile phone in which I’d plugged the O2 SIM card (and which call was disconnected after 30 minutes).
  2. In each call, I suffered the most awful hold music ever devised by man (or maybe it was an alien).
  3. Yesterday, O2’s PR on Twitter mused that my unsuccess in connecting with anyone in support was probably due to the iPhone’s popularity over Christmas: “Just seen your blog, sorry about the problems – iPhone v popular over Christmas. Let me know how you get on w/your phone returning.”
  4. A great experience at the O2 store in Reading last week was tempered somewhat by the fact that it’s going to be at least a week, and likely ten days, until a replacement iPhone arrives at the O2 store in Reading; they’ll call me and I then have to go into Reading to get it.
  5. Today I learn that my friend Luke popped in to his nearest Apple Genius Bar and got his faulty iPhone swapped while he waited.

I’m beginning to feel a little aggrieved with O2.

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