A Twitter half dozen

I’ve just spent an hour reviewing what’s accumulated in my RSS reader over Christmas, noting and tagging things that caught my interest for later action.

Without doubt, the tech topic that dominates more content than anything else is Twitter, whether it’s in blogs, mainstream media or any other kind of website.

Not in any particular order, here’s a round-up of half a dozen of what I found as the most interesting topics.

  • If you run your blog on WordPress, this plugin by Andy Bailey might interest you – Twitip: add an additional field to your comment form to include a commenter’s Twitter ID. I’m doubtful that it will run if you use IntenseDebate as I do to manage comments, but I will try it out. And if you use the Thesis theme (I do), there’s a workaround to get Twitip to run properly.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if there were an authority system that let you filter Twitter comments? Perhaps similar to the Technorati authority system for blogs?  That’s what Loic Le Meur wants to see and he’s joined by Michael Arrington in the call. I’d like to see this, too, as another choice, another way to slice and dice information that interests you. If Twitter don’t develop this, I could easily see it coming from a third party.
  • A new version of TweetDeck, the desktop Twitter manager that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, was released on Christmas Eve. Among 0.21b’s many new features is one whose absence has made TweetDeck almost a showstopper for me – the lack of ability to see your own direct messages. The addition of that functionality now makes TweetDeck the killer Twitter desktop app in my book.
  • Even though I rarely visit a Twitter user’s page at Twitter on the web (because I use a desktop app), I have noticed increasing numbers of users with custom-designed page backgrounds incorporating elements like web address, phone numbers, email address, etc. One established service that does these backgrounds for free and which I see mentioned a lot in tandem with the phrase ‘personal branding’ is Twitbacks. There’s now another one, launched on Christmas Eve – MyTweetSpace.
  • A useful Christmas Day post from Jimmy Rogers highlights 15 Twittery Things For Your Holiday Enjoyment. I like twInfluence, particularly its analysis showing a Twitterer’s reach. Maybe this is on the track of what Loic Le Meur and Michael Arrington are advocating.
  • Daily Telegraph reporter Robert Colvile (on Twitter, naturally) has a pretty good piece in the Telegraph on Why the whole world is in a Twitter.

Neville Hobson

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