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Answers to three simple questions

where A good PR friend asked me three questions today, questions that are similar to ones I have been asked before.

He asked me to email the answers, which I did. I decided to also post them here as Iâ€d be interested to know how you would answer such questions.

Iâ€ve not identified my friend, by the way. If he subsequently says I can, then Iâ€ll update the post or heâ€ll leave a comment. The most I can tell you at the moment is that heâ€s based in London, is someone Iâ€ve known in the online PR community for some years, knows a bit about PR and social media and writes a pretty good blog himself!

So, here we go with the Q&A:

Q: What influences what you blog about?

Itâ€s hard to provide a fuller answer beyond ‘it dependsâ€. Influences will be as wide ranging as there are topics. There is no single thing and, while I know there are multiple things, itâ€s tricky to pin them down in answer to such a question. The best I can offer is this: a topic that attracts my interest for my blog will usually be at the intersection of business, communication and technology. But not always!

Q: What do you care about when you blog? (I suppose what interests you enough to write)

I like to write about things that the post I publish provides a reader with an “oh thatâ€s interesting!” reaction and prompts that reader to say something him or herself about the content: a blog comment, a tweet, a blog post on that readerâ€s own blog, etc. Something, somewhere that adds another discoverable voice to the mix.

Q: How would PROs wanting to reach out to bloggers reach out to you?

Thatâ€s easy – on my blog, there is a menu item at the top of every page called ‘Contact†which explains very clearly the ways in which I respond to contacts. It includes my phone number, email address and list of all the social places online where you can find me and connect. All a PRO has to do is visit the blog and go to that page. Really easy, right? Yet the contacts I often get, and the way in which those contacts arrive, indicate that PROs donâ€t even look at my blog before reaching out. Not smart, guaranteed to give you awful results. So get smart when planning outreach to any blogger: at the very least, visit and read their blogs!

What answers would you give to three simple questions like these?

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