Love and hate at Le Web 08

The Le Web tech conference in Paris may now be over and done with for another year but criticism about some organizational elements – notably the wifi, temperature and food – continues.

I wasn’t at the event so obviously I can’t give any view based on actual experience. There’s lots of love-it-or-hate-it opinion out there like these from some who were there and others who weren’t.

It goes to show that you most definitely will never please all the people all the time. (I do wonder, though, what I would think of the lacking infrastructure if I had been there, given my whinging in the past every time wifi doesn’t work when I’m at an event.)

Anyway, as a remote observer, paying attention from time to time to the live video streams (recordings now available) and the Twitter conversations – especially the Twitter conversations – I got immense value out of it all and engaging this way with my friends and Twitter buddies. It was almost like being there.

So park the criticism for the moment and see what some folk had to say – they were there – about LeWeb08 as told to @dailytwitter:

I’m sure there is validity in specific criticisms about wifi, etc, and no doubt organizer Loic Le Meur will have something to say about them. In the meantime, just take in what these attendees think about their overall experience.

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