Keeping tabs on LeWeb08


What is arguably the most influential technology conference in Europe kicks off in Paris today when LeWeb08 welcomes over 1,600 participants to the City of Lights.

From relatively simple beginnings in early 2005 – when the event was known as Les Blogs and attracted a few hundred early adopters and enthusiasts including me – organizer Loic le Meur has evolved LeWeb into something far more sophisticated with this fifth programme, attracting big-name sponsors such as Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Facebook, MySpace and other titans in the tech space.

See the complete programme (download PDF) and list of speakers.

If you’re not going to Paris but want to keep up with what’s happening at LeWeb08, follow any one of the three live video streams such as this one from the event’s main stage:

Other ways you can keep tabs on LeWeb08 and join in conversations:

Neville Hobson

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    • neville

      Stephanie, you've done a tremendous job in gathering such a wide-interest group as the blogging crowd. In any event, the best place to follow who was saying what was Twitter, not blogs. Blog posts are for more leisurely reading, I think.

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