Spam blogging by any other name

I’m sure there will be some people who sign up for WordPressDirect who will do so thinking it presents a quick and easy way to crank out blog posts with minimum effort.

Looking through the website, though, it seems to me that the service is more likely to appeal to people who care little for copyright and recognition of the intellectual property rights of others, given that a major aspect of its ease of use is that it will suck in content from almost any RSS feed for republishing.


So no need for original content, for your own creativity and opinion, just set this thing up and wait for it to churn out other people’s stuff as you surround “your” content with ads.

It couldn’t be plainer: spam blogging by any other name is what it looks like to me.

Is that how it looks to you? Love to know what you think, especially if you’re using this service.

(Via Mashable.)