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prblogs People often ask me which PR blogs I read. Saying ‘a lot’ isn’t what they expect to hear but that’s what I do – I read a lot of PR blogs.

Or rather, I subscribe to a lot of PR blogs in my RSS reader via an aggregated feed of blogs that are members of the Public Relations Network on Feedburner.

That network – which has a combined subscriber total of around 30,000 – was started by David Jones in 2006 and currently comprises content from some 50 bloggers across North America, the UK, continental Europe and Australia.

I noticed that connectivity to this network via the aggregated RSS feed has just changed – the original RSS feed is no longer updating as of November 13.

Instead, there’s a new structure – rather than offer a single RSS feed containing the content from all the network members, there’s now an OPML file containing the individual feeds from each network member.

What you do is import that OPML file into your RSS reader – I use FeedDemon (and currently checking out the new version 2.8 beta) – and you then have a channel group containing all the individual feeds.

If you want to check them out right now, and see who’s in this network, take a look at them in this widget:

Visit the Widget Gallery

Quite a few gaps, though – there are certainly a lot more than 50 PR bloggers out there.

For instance, none of the many Edelman PR bloggers are members of this Public Relations Network (but you can get their collective content via separate subscription to their aggregated RSS or OPML).

I’d encourage PR bloggers everywhere to join the Public Relations Network. Let’s make this a really valuable resource that represents some great thinking from across the profession internationally.

Just ask Cap’n Jones and he’ll let you in!

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