Finding good bloggers has never been easier

bloglist If you want to find blogs that cover advertising, marketing and PR, it’s never been easier thanks to the selfless work of members of the online community.

The first lists of PR blogs I found were created by Constantin Basturea way back in 2003/04. Today you have lists such as the Advertising Age Power 150, Brendan Cooper’s PR Friendly Index, The UK’s Top Marketing Weblogs – these three apply ranking criteria – the PR Network at Feedburner, even Technorati’s tags that will find you some good lists.

Here’s a new one – the Top 150 Social Marketing Blogs from eCairn, a ranking of blogs that cover social media marketing.

Inevitably there is a great deal of duplication among different lists which broadly cover blogs in this wide communications space. And especially with lists that rank blogs, any such lists will inevitably change as individual blogs rise or fall and new ones start up.

Still, all these lists are terrific resources for discovering new (to you) bloggers that you might want to follow and connect with.

That’s made easy when the list owner, or someone else, creates the means for you to do that with an OPML file so you can get all the content from each blog in a particular network in your RSS reader.


Here are links to OPML or RSS resources of the lists that offer them:

If you know of others, do let me know (add a comment).

Bonus lists – UK PRs and journalists on Twitter, by Stephen Davies. No OPML or RSS but useful nevertheless.

Neville Hobson

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  1. Brendan Cooper

    Good point about the OPML file Neville. I’ve been meaning to sort this out for quite some time. Mind you, I’ve also been meaning to update the index since August, and actually to post anything on my blog for well over a week. Not enough time!

  2. Stephen

    Thanks Neville,

    I think this post sent a load of UK PR tweeps over to my post as I received quite a lot of inclusion requests soon after the trackback.



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    […] Neville Hobson points to a new list of the Top 150 PR oops sorry Social Marketing blogs. My rule of thumb is never trust a list you’re on, so given I’m at #89 that’s not a good sign.  The good news is I normally drop off them like a stone… so keep an eye on the list, it’ll probably get better with age. […]

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