The Obama landslide


At least, a landslide is what happened in The Economist’s Global Electoral College which closed last week:

Barack Obama has won at least one election by a landslide. Voters in The Economist’s Global Electoral College favoured the Democratic candidate over his Republican rival, John McCain, by more than five to one. Some 52,000 readers around the world cast a vote, with more than 44,000 votes going to Mr Obama. As candidates collected delegates according to the countries won (just as America’s electoral-college system allocates delegates by state), Mr Obama’s victory is all the more comprehensive: he claims 9,115 delegates, compared with a paltry 203 for Mr McCain.

Would it were this easy in the actual election! Still, all the signals point to a clear Obama victory as the BBC US Election Polltracker suggests with this Gallup data:


Today is voting day in the United States, so expect the mainstream media and many blogs to be dominated by American election news during much of this week.

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