Googlephone is the bees knees

googlephone-nev Could the Googlephone from T-Mobile be the best-kept secret in the UK today?

I ask that slightly rhetorical question as I’ve seen very little online buzz for this mobile device – more formally known as the T-Mobile G1 – which launches in the UK today, either in the mainstream media or in blogs.

Even T-Mobile’s UK website doesn’t highlight the phone in a way I would have expected on launch day, instead still talking about it as “coming soon.”

Well, I’ve been rather lucky as courtesy of NixonMcInnes and Brands2Life, I’ve had one to play with for the last 48 hours.

To give you the bottom-line view straightaway – this phone is a joy to use (as the photo might suggest) and the one mobile device that could sway me to be wholly email-connected at all times, thus convincing me to change a long-practiced behaviour.

If you haven’t seen the Googlephone, here is a set of photos I shot (ironically, with my Nokia N95 8GB) that will give you an idea of what it looks like.


I have a video review I made with some detailed commentary and opinion about my Googlephone experience, in which I talk through many of the phone’s features. I’ll have that review posted on my tech blog as soon as I get a minute to edit it, hopefully at the weekend.

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