Twine: You know what I’m sayin?

Effective communication is all about connecting your message with the right people, right?

That was what someone at Twine was trying to figure out, kinda. What’s Twine? you ask. Check this out and determine which description resonates with you.

This one, from Twine’s website:


Here’s the description:

Twine is a smarter way to keep track of your interests. Use it to collect and share bookmarks, notes, videos and other content. Twine organizes your content, learns as you use it and recommends new things to check out. You can use Twine alone and with groups of people who share your interests.

Or this gangsta video (audio probably NSFW so consider headphones before clicking):

And here’s a taster of the description:

You use Twine to collect, find some shit, and share that shit with people you know. Twine ties it all together by topic, so you can have that shit in one place and it is easy for you to find it. You know what I’m sayin’?

According to a comment in TechCrunch’s post yesterday from Nova Spivack, Twine’s founder and CEO, the video is a joke:

FYI — for anyone who is curious. This video above was an INTERNAL practical joke the team played on me today. The REAL and official video is here: — as you will see it is much more “corporate.” The team made the above video after the real video and then they showed me the joke video as if it was real. Needless to say I was speechless. Anyway, the team has been working very hard, and I have to say they definitely had me worried there for a minute. The joke was on me! :)

Quite a discussion has ensued on TechCrunch and some of the comments are even worth reading.

This one, for instance:

If the market is younger people the video is fine. If it is the older baby boomer market which has the highest percentage of the population and the most money then it might not be the best marketing strategy. Still it got 70 + comments so it got people talking.

Joke or not, this video might just get Twine more attention than otherwise would have been the case (especially if you compare it to the official corporate video).

Will it be the right kind of attention, though?

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