When you care enough to hit send


If I were to get back into using ecards again – something I used to do a lot in the early 00s: remember BlueMountain? – Someecards.com is the service I would definitely use today.

I stumbled across this site the other day and have been splitting my sides since then over its witty, pointed, timely and downright wicked humour.

Much of the content is unquestionably NSFW so exercise care when you click in the workplace. Many of the cards’ captions are almost gapingvoid-esque as this one (one of the wittiest and most tame) suggests:


That might be a good one for the back of a business card!

As well as picking from a big collection of categorized ready-made cards and captions, you can create your own. There’s also a Facebook app, a t-shirt store and social sharing links for every card.

Give it a whirl and see what you think of the site’s slogan: When you care enough to hit send.


Neville Hobson

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