Googlephone coming


Just two weeks to wait until Googlephone goes on sale in the UK – October 30 is the date according to T-Mobile who has exclusive UK rights to the phone.

I call it ‘Googlephone’ because that’s how I think of it – it’s the phone that runs Google’s Android open source operating system for mobiles. That’s an easier name to remember than ‘T-Mobile G1 with Google.’

Since it was announced in New York last month, over 25,000 UK consumers have pre-registered their interest in the device, according to T-Mobile UK.

I’ve not seen one in the flesh yet but I’ve read quite a few reviews including two good ones yesterday: Google Answers the iPhone by Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal, and A Hands-on First Look at Google Android by Gina Trapani at

There’s nowhere near the hype and buzz compared to that which surrounded the lead-up to the launch of the first iPhone last year. Googlephone is an entirely different device, though, in spite of nearly all reviews I’ve read comparing it to iPhone.

I’d be more inclined to compare it to devices like some of the top-end Nokia models (eg, N96, E71) or the Sony Ericsson Xperia.

I’ll have a better view after October 30.

Are you thinking about getting a Googlephone?

Neville Hobson

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