Easy collaboration with Dropbox

I’m a big fan of Live Mesh, the service from Microsoft that is a great productivity tool when working with colleagues and clients in different locations, where you can synchronize different devices used by different people to share files.

I’m also starting to be a big fan of Dropbox, a new collaborative document sharing service that’s just come out of private beta which I signed up for a few days ago.

It’s so simple and easy to use that I could see this being a more useful collaborative tool for me than Live Mesh.


This screenshot shows my Dropbox home page on the web. Yet that’s not the place I’d visit much as the desktop app Dropbox installs lets me drag and drop files using Windows Explorer just as I can do with any folder on the computer.

Live Mesh is like this, too.

I can add files and folders into a public folder and then provide unique URLs for specific files that enable anyone not connected to me in Dropbox to access those file. That’s a useful feature.

I’m not sure whether comparing Dropbox with Live Mesh is a valid comparison or not. I’ll come to some conclusions after using both for a while.

So planning a more detailed commentary over on my tech blog soon.

Meanwhile, check Dropbox out for yourself, especially the screencast – it’s good and explains the concepts very well.

Dropbox runs on Windows (XP and Vista) , Mac and Linux systems which pretty much covers it all.

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  1. Steve

    I’m curious, what are your thoughts on each in the several months since this article? Thanks!

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