A good time to join IABC is now

If there’s one professional association I’m always willing to actively talk about, promote, and otherwise persuade communicators to be part of, it’s the International Association of Business Communicators, IABC.

I’ve been a member since 1989. I’ve found the knowledge I’ve gained in the years I’ve been a member to have been invaluable for my professional development. I took my accreditation exams in 1994.

Over the years, I’ve served in a variety of volunteerism roles. In short, I like to think I’ve given a bit back that, in reality, can never equal what I’ve gained from my membership.

And I’ve met and got to know some terrific people, all over the world.

iabc-member So, in sum, I think IABC is a very good professional association to be part of no matter what your communication role is, nor which aspect of organizational communication you’re involved with.

Here’s the official list of membership benefits.

If you do consider joining, now’s a good time as September is Membership Month where you can take advantage of some financial incentives to join IABC, as well as free trial access to some online members-only benefits, such as:

  • IABC’s online library with archives of articles from Communication World and CW Bulletin, presentations and handouts from IABC International Conferences, Gold Quill Award-winning communication plans and more on a wide range of topics.
  • My Communication (MyComm), IABC’s online strategic communication planning tool offers IABC members an easy-to-use, six-step process to create, share and collaborate on communication plans with other users online. Non-members can get read-only access to MyComm during September.
  • Discussion forums, MemberSpeak and the IABC Buzz are online meeting places for IABC members, where they can trade ideas, solicit advice and input, debate strategies and share information with peers – unconstrained by geography and time differences. Non-members can get read-only access to IABC’s discussion forums during September.

If you’re still not sure if IABC is for you, feel free to give me a call and I’ll be happy to try to convince you.

Otherwise, why not take the trial now.

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