Skype at 5

It seems to have been here Since Time Began. But no, it’s just five short years since Skype first appeared.

And it’s just over four short years since I first started using Skype, in August 2004.

Skype has made a big impact for millions of people in enabling those people to communicate with others, for free in many cases and most definitely at low cost in all cases.

Probably the most significant impact for me concerns For Immediate Release, the podcast I co-present with Shel Holtz.

Twice a week, with Shel in California (usually) and me here in the UK, we record our one-hour show over Skype. We’ve been doing that since January 2005 and we’ve now done 375 shows, plus a good 30 or more niche podcasts (interviews, reviews, etc).

If Skype hadn’t been around when we started FIR, I very much doubt we would have started at all.

So I say a big ‘thank you’ to Skype.

Today, I can’t imagine there not being a service like Skype. Yes, there are now a few competitors. But for me, Skype’s the one I stick with.

So congratulations, Skype, and here’s to another five years.

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