What’s wrong with Technorati

In episode #373 of the FIR podcast last week, Shel and I discussed what’s wrong with Technorati.

This turned into quite a lengthy discussion, initially prompted by Dan York’s report in that episode in which he talked about what’s wrong with Technorati.

There seems to be a growing feeling that something’s wrong with Technorati.

In my recent experience, this is manifested through searching for something and always getting an error like this:


So my perception of Technorati now as a blog search tool is that it isn’t reliable any longer (although to be fair, I did a search just now, which did work). I end up Googling which, let’s face it, always works.

And so I don’t use Technorati any more as a primary place to search. I still refer to Technorati when researching influencers online although I sometimes wonder how reliable that core aspect of its service really is, things like authority and ranking.

Anecdotally, I’m hearing more and more such views about Technorati. Joe Thornley sums it all up very well:

[…] I am throwing in the towel on Technorati. I no longer receive benefits that justify the time to go to the site and conduct a search. Google blog search reliably provides me with more complete results. So, why spend the time setting up and reviewing search results from a second service that has proven itself so unreliable?

And as I have come to doubt the completeness of Technorati’s search results, I’ve grown ever more reluctant to place any reliance on Technorati Authority.

So, at the end of the day, I find myself rarely going to Technorati.

The end of an era?

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