New 10 Downing Street website launched


The new website of Number 10 Downing Street – residence and office of the Prime Minister – launched yesterday.

It was announced on Twitter by the Number 10 communications team, an apt demonstration of the clear focus on content sharing that peppers the site which includes links to Number 10 content on Flickr and YouTube.

The new structure and look is dramatically different to the old site (I wish I’d grabbed a screenshot before the change; here’s one from a BBC report in 2006), with a far more friendlier and modern approach.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that the site is running on WordPress, the same platform my blog runs on.

Few blog-like attributes are apparent, though – no commenting on posts, for instance, nor trackbacks. That might change, who knows: the masthead does include the word ‘beta.’

Still, it’s a major development step in the Prime Minister’s official presence online.

Read more from Simon Dickson, who’s been involved in planning the project.

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  1. Andrew Crowley

    Hello there! Can you please send to me your direct email address so that i can send you some documents in a claim against the British Parliament that which has revived since 1992 from here in Victoria! Feel free to go tto my 37 page website marked above ok? Yours Truly , Andrew

  2. neville

    What makes you think I’d have any interest in that, Andrew? Just because I’ve blogged about the Number 10 website?

    If you want to get in touch with UK political bloggers, here’s a good list. I doubt you’ll have much success, though, unless you try and make a personal connection with them. Leaving a comment like yours on a blog post ain’t the way to do that.

    But good luck!

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