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As part of its tenth anniversary celebration, PR Week US edition is holding a contest to find the PR industry’s most worthwhile blog.

The contest, which starts today, includes 30 PR blogs from across North America plus two blogs in Europe – mine here in merry old England and Tom Murphy’s in Ireland – making 32 in total.

Overall, it’s an impressive list – I’ve heard of nearly all of the bloggers and know many of them – representing some of the the PR profession’s most influential voices, and I’m pretty flattered to be included in such company in this contest.

During the next five weeks, you’ll have an opportunity to vote in this competition. Here’s how it works:

The single-elimination tournament will consist of 16 first-round contests, each of which pits two blogs against each other. Whichever blog gets the most votes will move onto the next round, to face another blog that received more votes than its competitor in the first round. This will continue through subsequent rounds until one blog is left.

My voting round comes up next week when I’ll be in pretty tough first-round competition with Andy Lark, one of blogging’s earliest adopters.

I wish everyone could get to the end game but there will be only one winner in five weeks’ time. Good luck everyone!


Vote here!

Neville Hobson

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