Heart not head when it comes to iPhone

I was thinking about the huge disconnect between people’s love for Apple and its products, and the severe restrictions you have in owning an Apple icon like the iPhone.

My previous post about unlocking my Nokia N95 8GB from Vodafone illustrates a point – mobile device manufacturers and mobile network operators typically will restrict your freedoms and choices to do anything with your device that is outside the rigid controls imposed by those manufacturers and operators.

Apple, its network partners and, arguably, application developers are certainly right in the thick of rigid control.

A post by Nik Cubrilovic on TechCrunchIT yesterday contains a shrewd view:

[…] Apple has wrapped the iPhone SDK in enough licensing, security controls and right management that it would make the Microsoft Active Desktop team blush. The phone and platform that is certain to soon take second spot behind Symbian in the smart phone market is also the most restricted and closed. Applications can only be installed from a single source, iTunes, and open source applications and distribution is near impossible. How do you install an iPhone application without iTunes?

This doesn’t seem to be a major concern, though, to more than one million people who have rushed out to buy new 3G iPhones since its launch in 21 countries last Friday.

Nor those who have downloaded ten million iPhone apps from the new App Store on iTunes.

I guess heart really does over-rule head.

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