Blogging to the future

In the CIPR workshop in London, showing everyone how easy it is to create a post with WordPress.

Hot quote from participant Zena Martin:

If you’re not on Twitter, you’re nowhere!

Yes, we’ve been looking at Twitter, too.

(I’ll be adding to this post later.) Update July 8.

The workshop went well. A great group of participants, lots of questions and discussion. I think everyone went away with lots more questions in their minds. Certainly plenty of food for thought about blogging as a legitimate business communication tool and what it can do for building relationships.

Here’s the presentation I used during the workshop as a means to focus our discussion:

What I found of greater value than the PPT was the discussion that resulted as we went through the content. But a PPT is a useful tool if it does help everyone take part in the discussion.

About a third of our time was spent online which isn’t part of the PPT.

Note I haven’t made the presentation available for download as the event was for the CIPR so I can’t make it freely available (if any workshop participant would like a copy, just let me know).

I promised everyone I would post links to all the places we looked at and tools we discussed. Here are those links:

CIPR Training July 7, 2008
How To Blog

Examples of Blogs



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  1. Jonathan

    Hey Neville – Hope you guys are having fun and learning loads. Sure you are . . . watching the Twitter stream over here in Forest Hill.

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