LG blogger relations case study

Yesterday’s Marketing 2.0 event in Manchester, organized by KMP, included some great presentations that, collectively, add up to a good overview of the roles social media play in the overall marketing mix.

The highlight for me was a case study on a blogger relations programme conducted by digital agency Outside Line for its client LG and the introduction into the UK market of the Viewty camera phone.

It’s the best case study I’ve yet seen. Outside Line’s Ronnie Brown told a compelling story of how the programme was planned and executed, with commentary on how the results were judged and measured.

You can see Ronnie speaking in the Qik video I recorded, embedded below. (RSS subscribers: if you don’t see the video, go to Qik.)

It’s a bit ironic that I shot this video about a mobile phone on my Nokia N95 8GB where the battery ran out before the end of the presentation!

So this 20-minute video isn’t all of it. I hope Ronnie posts his PowerPoint online (I’ll update this post with a link if he does).

The venue for yesterday’s event, the Manchester Digital Development Agency, was excellent and had a strong wifi signal, good for Qik streaming video. I also did a live video stream of part of KMP Chairman Bill Daring’s opening presentation.

I would also have Qik’d KMP’s Paul Fabretti in his presentation on corporate blogging. But he followed Ronnie, and with an exhausted battery…

However, I did shoot Paul (figure of speech) before the event started as he explains what Marketing 2.0 is all about.

My presentation on social media and PR wasn’t videoed. But I’ve uploaded my PPT to Slideshare.

[Later] Paul recorded parts of my presentation. I wondered what he was doing with his camera. :)

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  1. Jonathan

    A bit of a PR industry wake-up too – Outside Line isn’t a traditional PR agency! Good guys though – when I worked at Bite I met them when discussing the redevelopment of the Bite website and was super impressed.

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