MobileMe, Live Mesh and a Midas Touch


One of the many things Apple announced yesterday that I’m intrigued about is MobileMe.

In very simple terms, this is a service – not yet launched – that will let you synchronize documents, images and all manner of digital content between different devices via a centralized private location out there on the net.

In the cloud, to use the current term in vogue.

MobileMe also includes a suite of cloud-based applications – email, writing, calendar, presentations, etc – so you could do all your digital content creating online rather than use desktop software.

A bit like Google Apps, perhaps.

Apart from the apps, it looks quite a lot like Live Mesh from Microsoft.


I’ve been using the Live Mesh Tech Preview for the past few weeks as a means to synchronize my content between my various PCs.

For instance, I find it great for accessing files when I’m travelling when I don’t have a particular file on my laptop – I just grab it from the mesh. Much better than my old way of FTPing into my server, a hit and miss experience at best.

I’ve not yet used Live Mesh for much else – sharing and collaborative editing, for instance – but will get to that.

MobileMe and Live Mesh look rather similar, don’t you think? Well, that’s what I observed earlier today although at least one Twitter buddy disagrees.

I’m quite happy with my Live Mesh experience so far, but I’d be quite keen to try out MobileMe once it’s available. Especially with a URL like!

It just seems to me that it would probably be very easy to figure out and use. Just like a new iPhone.

Or am I just being sucked into a belief that everything Apple does these days has a Midas touch?

[Later] Dan York has an excellent post on MobileMe. What I get from Dan’s post is a better understanding of the cloud.

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