What social media influence is about

signpost How social media is shaping corporate reputation management, marketing and communications is the primary theme of Social Media Influence, a one-day conference in London I’ll be speaking at this Wednesday June 4.

I’m on a panel to discuss the big topic “Putting The Public Back Into Public Relations.”

This conference, organized by Matthew Yeomans and Bernhard Warner, has grown out of ‘Blogging4Business,’ an event that the duo have run for several years.

The conference has an excellent line-up of speakers. Names I know well include Antony Mayfield, Niall Cook, Richard Dennison, Kris Hoet, Flemming Madsen, Robin Hamman, Mireia Fontbernat; and my fellow panelists Guillaume du Gardier, Keith Childs, and Drew Benvie.

It’s going to be a terrific event, one I’m looking forward to being part of. If you plan to come, you can book online.

A few weeks ago, I met with Matthew at one of the Friday morning Social Media Cafe get-togethers in London.

Here he is, explaining in 30 seconds, what Social Media Influence is about:

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    Goodness, by the speaker line-up (put together by two men) it would appear that it’s mainly males who are influential in social media.

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