Pitch your story with TwitterPitch

It’s a novel ideal – provide an easy way for people who want to pitch you to do so via Twitter.

Imagine – a pitch in 140 characters or less and that comes not via email!

And so we have TwitterPitch, a plugin for WordPress blogs running version 2.5 or later, developed by Aaron Brazell:

[…] The concept is to force PR firms to use the economy of words (characters?) to pitch bloggers. It’s a reality in life, and I fight with my wife on this regularly, that no one cares about your “thing” as much as you do and so are less likely to want to give you the time to “pitch” the story or idea. You need to be quick, succinct and use compelling hooks.

[…] WP-TwitterPitch is all about getting the pitch delivered to you in the form you want to get it delivered – in other words in Twitter format. If you’re like me, then your Twitter direct message box is a lot like your email inbox. Personally, I don’t want to get pitches from PR companies in certain email inboxes. For whatever reason, I may not check them or they are personal, etc.

When I discovered this last week, I decided to try it out, installing the plugin and giving it a go.

A few hiccups ensued – starting with realizing that you can’t run PHP scripts by default in a WordPress blog unless you install a plugin to enable that functionality – before I was able to get it to work.

So when you click on the link that appears wherever you’ve inserted the PHP code, you get a nice little dialogue box like this:


The text you see is customizable – write whatever you want when you configure the plugin – and there is the expected text area where you type your pitch in 140 characters or less.

Want to try it? Go ahead [Jul 6: I’ve removed the plugin. Far too flaky and it broke the blog.]

It’s a bit flaky and you probably won’t get any reaction once you click the ‘Pitch!’ button, but it does work. So please click that button only once.

It’s a nice idea and it might work if everyone who wants to pitch you would simply agree to use this method only and not continue with the spam emails.

If you want to try it out on your own WP blog download the zip.

I’d love to know if anyone really does decide to use this!

Neville Hobson

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