Help the geek get the glory

If you yearn for the simpler geeky days when MS-DOS and 640K of RAM ruled, along with pixelated images on VGA monitors, you’ll likely appreciate the Server Quest game.

Although geared towards the IT crowd, this web-based game to promote Microsoft TechNet will have appeal for anyone with a nostalgic look over the shoulder to those less complex computing experiences.

In the game, modelled after the classic adventure games of the early nineties, you play as Matt Berg, an IT pro struggling to keep the office logged on and booted up, all while avoiding the arrogant sales guy, Chase.

If you’re experienced enough to solve the puzzles and uncover some of the many tech and pop culture-themed Easter Eggs hidden in the game, you’ll help the geek get the glory.

Have fun!

So, why I am writing about this? you might wonder.

Wholly due to an effective PR pitch from Nick Iannitti at Fuel Industries, an agency in Ottawa, Canada, specializing in online entertainment.

Nick’s email to me yesterday struck the right chord with its well-written content which hit the spot as far as my interest is concerned.

Conversational, concise, to the point and with a good subject line in the email – a good start to a PR pitch by email that has a good chance of getting noticed.

Well, I noticed. Just shows what a bit of thought, imagination and some common sense can do.

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