Gremlins strike FIR Live

gremlin Things didn’t go to plan yesterday for the fourth episode of FIR Live on BlogTalk Radio.

Shel’s posted a note on the FIR blog about our cancellation of the call-in show half way through, the reasons for which included poor audio quality and repeated difficulties logging in to our BlogTalk Radio account.

Audio quality wasn’t good from the outset. Both Shel and I were connected to the BlogTalk radio call-in number via Skype, as we usually are when we do these live shows. Shel was connected directly and I was connected with him, all via Skype.

Was it a Skype issue? Internet? Local network at one of our locations? BlogTalk Radio? No idea. Whatever it was, I do hope we don’t have anything similar when we do our next live show on June 11 on a great discussion topic: PR spam (John Cass has lots of details; an FIR post coming soon).

The show’s cancellation really was a pity as we had a great conversation going surrounding the Cluetrain theme suggested by John Cass in a blog post in March.

It’s especially unfortunate that the 30 minutes or so we had spent talking – including call-in commentary from John – didn’t make it into a recording.

Audio quality was so poor that nothing was salvaged.

Everyone, I’m really sorry that we couldn’t complete this episode of FIR Live. We’re planning to reschedule it.

Neville Hobson

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  1. John Cass

    It is a shame about the event, maybe next time, thanks for inviting me, and covering the topic. Doc Searls is speaking tomorrow on the cluetrain at 10, something to watch out for.

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