GM Europe launches executive blog


Yesterday, General Motors Europe launched Driving Conversations, a new executive blog.

We have an exclusive FIR interview with Chris Preuss, GM Europe’s Vice President of Communications, about the new blog, recorded a few days ago ahead of the public launch.

In that interview, you’ll hear Chris discuss the planned role of this blog in the context of changes and developments in the auto industry in Europe and GM’s own plans within that marketplace.

In his first post, GM Europe President Carl-Peter Forster says the new blog is part of GM’s plans to drive new conversations about GM in which leaders in GM Europe are active participants:

[…] I think a blog for GM Europe is well overdue. The intensity of press coverage regarding our European business and our products and brands has, at times, left part of the story untold. This is understandable given the massive changes and challenges that are occurring in the global automotive business as it undergoes fundamental structural changes. Being the biggest player in the industry with arguably the biggest challenges to overcome in respect to making these changes, it’s understandable how some external (and internal) perspectives have been shaped and at times have taken a critical tone. But this glass is not half-empty – not by a long shot.

‘Driving Conversations’ is the latest step in GM’s close embrace of social media to support its broad business and communication objectives.

It all started in January 2005 with the FastLane blog.

FastLane has been said by Bob Lutz, founding blogger and the company’s Vice Chairman, to be an indispensable communication channel, an unfiltered voice for the company, its customers and auto enthusiasts.

During the three years since FastLane began, GM has extended its public use of social media with audio podcasts, video podcasts, and more blogs such as the FYI Blog.

Multiple social media channels play a significant engagement role in GMnext, a dialogue-based campaign that engages people via social media and interactive experiences as GM celebrates its 100th year in business during 2008.

In Europe, GM broke new ground last year with the launch of the GM Europe Social Media Newsroom, offering “product news and downloads for the online reporter.”

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  1. Tom

    According to GME the parent company in America (GM) creamed off any profits for tax purposes. Did GM parent company siphon off too much money from Saab putting Saab into a loss making situation

  2. neville

    Appreciate your comment, Tom, thanks. It might have had some credibility had you provided some attribution to what you claim, especially where you say ‘according to GME…’ Don’t you have a link to an authoritative commentary on that?

    If what you say is true, I would have expected that to have made headlines everywhere, no less in Sweden. But there’s nothing, not even a generic Google News search on ‘GM Saab’.

    So where are your facts?

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