Cluetrain up for discussion on next FIR Live call-in episode, Saturday May 24

John Cass started a meme back in March when he asked several bloggers to share their thoughts on five questions related to The Cluetrain Manifesto.

Bloggers including Phil Gomes, Richard Binhammer, Jason Falls and Valeria Maltoni, among others, have shared their answers.

We’ll run down the questions and some answers, offer our own thoughts, and hear what you think when we discuss John’s meme on our next FIR Live call-in episode, set for Saturday, May 24. The show will take place over the course of an hour beginning at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, and 6pm BST.

You can listen by visiting FIR’s BlogTalk Radio page or by calling +1 347 324 3723, which is also the number to call if you want to participate.

Incidentally, John wrote a follow-up post that covered some of the responses to his initial post.

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Neville Hobson

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  1. Valeria Maltoni

    Thank you for the mention, Neville. It was interesting to play both sides in thinking about the manifesto. It has influenced my thinking as much as my best mentors have.

  2. neville

    You made some excellent points in your post, Valeria. I definitely want to highlight some of those in the FIR Live show.

    Hope it all stimulates some lively discussion on May 24.

  3. neville

    Jason, Richard, you both had really great contributions re John’s questions so I’m looking forward to some good discussion on May 24.

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