Add video comments with seesmic for WordPress

Video startup seesmic has released a terrific conversational tool – a plugin for WordPress that enables you to create and post a video comment.

Not only that, it also enables a blogger to create a post that includes a video comment, just as I have done here:
{seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”Be seen and heard “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

So if you want more than just the written word, seesmic video commenting is for you.

Get the plugin and try it out.

Installing the plugin is straightforward. I had a couple of difficulties with it post-installation, but a Skype troubleshooting conversation with Johann Romefort at seesmic resulted in a fix. Thanks, Johann.

While the plugin is only for WordPress at the moment (version 2.1 and above), seesmic plans to release a version for Movable Type. Maybe other platforms, too.

To create and leave a video comment, you just click the link beneath the text comment area in any post. That opens up a recording window. If you have a seesmic account, sign in. If you don’t you can still record a video as I’ve set the option in the plugin to enable that.

What do you think? Adds to the conversation?

Go ahead – leave a video comment!

Neville Hobson

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  1. JoeG

    testing seesmic – cool! {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”testing seesmic – cool! “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

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