Neville Hobson

Is business podcasting dead?

Maybe the question is better phrased as: has the desire to learn how to produce podcasts for business died?

I’m wondering this because two public events about podcasting I’d been due to speak at during the next month have been cancelled because of lack of interest.

The first one was a big surprise which I heard about yesterday – Podcasting 101, the half-day pre-conference workshop at the New Communications Forum 2008 that my podcasting partner Shel Holtz and I were due to lead on April 22 (next Tuesday). The plan was I would join in remotely from the UK via video link.

But as I gather less than a handful of people had signed up, it won’t be happening at all now.

Next is Podcasting for Business, a one-day workshop that I was leading for Melcrum on May 20 in London. Melcrum cancelled it a week or so ago as not a single person had signed up for it.

What we’ve done now is rolled the topic into a broader one-day workshop on social media that’s scheduled for June 17.

In both cases, the event organizers promoted the workshops. To no avail, it seems clear.

Are these signals of a broader trend, if it is that – lack of interest in podcasting for business? Or maybe lack of interest in attending a paid-for event to learn about it?

Perhaps interest in podcasting as a business tool has peaked. Maybe not so much in the US but it looks like that in the UK. Indeed, I’ve never really seen any strong interest in business podcasting here outside of the mainstream media and some financial institutions’ marketing-casts.

How do you see it? Is business podcasting dead?

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