IABC scholarship to attend NYC conference

iabc2008 The 2008 IABC International Conference takes place on June 22-25 in New York City.

Four days of learning and making connections at a professional development event that’s unrivalled anywhere else.

If you’re an IABC member in Europe thinking about going but can’t budget the costs, the IABC Europe Middle East Region has some great news for you.

From an email I received this evening:

The IABC Europe Middle East Region is offering a scholarship, consisting of a conference fee and an EUR 500 travel stipend to a member who would not otherwise be able to attend the upcoming IABC Conference in New York in June.

[…] Applications will be taken until 6 PM GMT, 9 April 2008.

If you think you qualify, drop me a note or Twitter DM for a link to the online scholarship application form. But hurry – you’ve got only 48 hours until the deadline.

Let me disclose that I’m an IABC member (and a past director of this Region) so I’m hardly neutral in posting about this.

It’s a great opportunity for one member from this Region to participate in what I think is the best professional development event for communicators, anywhere.

I hope to be at the conference myself, so look forward to meeting you, scholarship winner!

Neville Hobson

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