WordCamp UK in planning

wordcampuk If you’re a WordPress user in the UK and are keen to get involved with others to share tips and experiences about blogging with WordPress, take note that a WordCamp is coming to the UK.

From an initial idea by Tony Scott, the concept starting gaining traction last week via a mailing list discussion.

Now, it’s becoming more official and organized with formal support from Automattic, the company behind WordPress, with a wiki as the place to focus planning and organization for what will be the first UK WordCamp.

What’s a WordCamp? you might be wondering. Here’s a succinct explanation:

WordCamp is an informal gathering of WordPress bloggers, podcasters, designers and developers.

An unconference might be another way to describe it. Maybe along the lines of PodCamp UK last year (which was a terrific experience).

Neither the venue nor the dates are known yet. But if you’re interested, dive in and join the planning discussions.

Whenever it happens, I definitely want to be there!

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