dell-logo Everyone has tales of their customer service experiences, good and bad.

You tend to hear more about bad experiences than good, it seems to me. Not surprising, I suppose, as when something goes wrong, you want to tell everyone about it. And a blog is a pretty good way of doing that.

With everything so inter-connected these days, anything you publish on your blog is easily discoverable by anyone else – all you have to do is Google.

I’ve had my share of poor customer service experiences from companies in recent years which I’ve blogged about – Dolphin Music and Virgin Media, to name but two companies.

While both of those experiences evolved into something a little more positive after a while, the original record of the negative is out there on the internet for as long as there’s a Google cache no matter what positives I may have written subsequently.

Today, I’m telling a story of a good experience, a conclusion to more than nine months of headache and frustration that all came to a head in January.

This is about Dell, about some of the people who work there, and what happened after I said I’d love to hear from Dell.