Spot the typo


Well, perhaps not a typo exactly, although the Wikipedia definition says common usage of the word ‘typo’ extends to mean errors in grammar and word form.

That’s what we have here.

Take a look at the words on the labels of this (rather tasty) hot Belgian chocolate drink, made by Mars Drinks in the UK.

The photo above is two of the products on display which I saw today in Tesco in Reading. One label has the typo, the other is correct.

And it’s repeated in a photo in the product description online!

Do you spot the error? Whoever proof-checked the label before it went off for printing didn’t.

Neville Hobson

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  1. neville

    It’s a good question, Mike.

    It looks like someone must have spotted the error and so a correct label was produced. In which case, all the product I saw on display is probably a batch with the error label. Only one of the product with the correct label, though.

    Not the kind of mistake for a product recall, but still!

  2. neville

    I remember that, Sallie! Funny.

    Kami, more chocolate goodness ideas I hope!

    Surinder, you couldn’t help but spot it. The error’s such a glaring one. It’s the equivalent of saying “a nice Germany sports car” or “what a pleasant Italy wine”.

    I guess they had the grammar checker switched off in Word. Heh! Or maybe it was switched on :)

  3. Armin

    I suggest buying a few of those, it will probably be a collectors item in a few years time and sell for millions of pounds on eBay.

    Or may be not.

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