Quit smoking with Twitter


Or more precisely, with Qwitter, a neat idea from TobaccoFreeFlorida, an advocacy group in that US state dedicated to raising awareness of health and other issues related to smoking.

Note I didn’t say this group is anti smoking. It is, of course, but its overall message is quite subtle:

This movement seeks to provoke reactions from both sides. It asks everyone to look at him or herself in the mirror and take a stand.

Are you a smoker? Are you not? Do you or don’t you care?

Qwitter gives you another helpline, as it were, if you’re giving up.

What you do is tell Qwitter when you smoke by tweeting to @iquit. You can track your progress, get help from others on Twitter and, hopefully, stop smoking.

You’ll have a Qwitter page on the Qwitter website where you can see your trend over time. You can share the link with others so they can offer support and, as the site says, "hold you accountable."

A clever idea to use Twitter this way.

As a long time Marlboro man, maybe this is what I need.

(Via Twitter blog)

Neville Hobson

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