Dave Briggs needs your feedback

fir_90x85 Last Thursday’s FIR #315 podcast featured something a bit different to the shows we usually do.

With Shel on the road, this was one of the occasional episodes that I end up doing solo including all editing and production.

This time, though, I included a 15-minute conversation with Dave Briggs, an FIR listener in Northamptonshire, which I think added a great deal to the listener experience for this episode.

And Dave did a great job. He’s a good conversationalist and doesn’t sound nervous or unsure about anything.

Dave’s not so sure, though:

[…] Yesterday, Neville needed someone to step in to fill a few minutes, so I stepped up to the plate and spoke about barcampukgovweb. Neville has been very sweet and praised my efforts, but I think he might just be trying to make me feel better.

Pease give Dave some feedback via the comments on his post. Make him feel better!

You can listen to the show in your browser here; Dave’s segment starts about 16 minutes in.

Neville Hobson

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