Politics is such a load of blah

I don’t write about politics in this blog even though it has a category/tag called Politics.

Yet I’m becoming increasingly tempted to do so because there has been so much going on in just the past six months that prompts a wide sway of feelings, from disbelief to outright anger.

Perhaps I ought to be clearer in my labels. I’m really talking about politicians rather than politics.

govtperformance Self-serving, patronizing and arrogant are words that spring to mind when I think of politicians no matter what their political leaning.

And maybe ‘incompetent’ ought to be added to my list of descriptive adjectives.

That’s clear to me just from the most recent results of a YouGov poll carried out for the Daily Telegraph, published yesterday.

The latest thing that goes in the ‘disbelief’ folder is news from the Revenue & Customs (yes, those people who lost the personal records of 25 million other people) saying that the online system for filing your tax return isn’t safe enough for people like celebrities and politicians.

What about the rest of us?

There’ll be a general election sometime in the next few years. I happen to believe that if you don’t vote, you have no right to a say. So for me, abstaining from participation isn’t an option.

Yet who on earth would get my vote? None of the mainstream parties has any appeal any longer. And forget about the extremist fringes.

If Screaming Lord Sutch were still alive, the Monster Raving Loony Party would have been a good bet.

And what about the Blah! Party?

Based on what’s going on these days, they could hardly do worse.

On second thoughts, I’m not going to write much more about politics in this blog. What’s the point?

It’s not a conversation I have any real interest or desire to start or join.

Neville Hobson

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