I’d love to hear from Dell

My main desktop PC is a Dell XPS Gen5. Runs Windows Vista Ultimate, installed last April. Great computer except for peculiar behaviour when everything on screen freezes up, which happens when… well, just about any time.

Tried to figure it out myself. No luck. Spent hours googling and searching on the Dell Forums. Still no luck.

Even spent a total of 40 minutes in a call two weeks ago with a Dell XPS Support person. No luck – he actually told me he couldn’t help because the PC’s running an unapproved operating system (it originally shipped with Windows XP Pro).

This sorry tale is in the embedded video, above (link here for RSS subscribers if you don’t see the video). It’s not a rant, just a lot of exasperation.

I’d happily pay Dell for support if they can find out what on earth this problem is, and then help me fix it.

Dell, what do you say? Love to hear from you. Thanks.

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