The big picture with a Nokia N95 8GB

spiderman3nokia I’ve had a really superb mobile phone for the past three months – a Nokia N95 8GB, the latest generation of a phone that packs 8 gigs of internal flash storage space, has wifi, GPS and more bells and whistles than I could have wished for.

I got my N95 almost by chance. One day in October, I popped in to the Vodafone store in Reading just to enquire whether I have any handset upgrade options from my then-current Nokia N73.

To cut a short story even shorter, I walked out of the store with a brand new N95 8GB, having also ‘sold’ the N73 back to Vodafone. That was under a new programme Vodafone recently launched to buy back recent-model handsets for refurbishment and then use in developing countries.

I’ve not written any posts about the N95 8GB yet. Not had much time. Likewise, I haven’t really spent a lot of time discovering all the features apart from the ones that I find essential – the camera, wifi and podcasts.

Apart from actually using the device as a phone, of course.

Last night, I decided to discover a feature I hadn’t used much yet – the phone as a movie player.

I’m not talking about playing a movie on the phone itself and viewing it on the truly outstanding screen with its crisp resolution and colours.

No, I wanted to see what a movie was like if I plugged the phone into my TV.

Bundled with the phone from Vodafone is Spider-Man 3, the latest in the action series released last summer. I’ve watched part of it on the phone and it’s great.

But it’s absolutely awesome on a TV screen. To me, the most awesome bit is how you can simply connect this device to an external audiovisual device like a TV so easily and seamlessly.

I video’d doing that which you can see below (RSS readers, you might need to actually go to the blog to see this).

[Tech note re video: recorded with a Sony DCR-SR52 camcorder in native MPEG-2 format; converted to Flash FLV with Xilisoft Video Converter 3.1.]

More about the Nokia N95 8GB soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the movie :)

Neville Hobson

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  1. neville

    You can make one backup copy from the phone onto a PC, according to the license terms. Whether you can then re-copy that copy some place else (eg, to a DVD), I don’t know as I haven’t done that. The license wording contains expected warnings about penalties for unauthorized copying, editing, broadcasting, etc.

    Equally, I don’t know if the movie file is DRM’d in any way. I’d be very surprised if not.

    Reading the license wording again, interesting to see this bit:

    Note that the movie and its related files should not be viewed with any other device than the Nokia N95 8GB.

    Does that mean that by viewing it on a TV, I’m in breach of the license terms, I wonder? No, I doubt it. It was showing on the TV and on the phone simultaneously.

  2. Terinea Weblog

    Excellent stuff Nev, how much space did the film take up?

    I wasn’t expecting the quality to be that good. Although my old Samsung phone (2005) could plug into the tv like that.



    hi ,
    i am so annoyed with my n95 at the moment ok great phone but would like to get the extras working fully too, i use rapidshare to get my movies and then sends them to the pc suite to convert and transfer to phone, movie starts away perfect but after 30mins picture stops and the audio continues on, i have been onto nokia and blamed everything bar the phone, i have been searching web for answers to this problem for hours on end and still no joy
    hoever i was told to download divx player to my pc and then to my nokia n95 8gb and it should sort it out, no answer on this yet
    waiting on my phone shop to get back to me as i have dvix on my desktop but no idea how to drag and drop to my phone, but if this works i will let ye all know, or indeed if anyone out there has the exact same problem as me please get in touch, it really is so annoying for such an expensive phone, take care please please help

  4. SDH

    Hi Martin

    I’ve got the same problem with my nokia n95 8gb. I’ve also been searching the net for answers but not much luck. A few people have talked about the DIVX player but then some have saad this still hasn’t cured their problem.

    let me know how you get on

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