An abrupt ending for Blognation


This is what you now see if you go to any of the websites of Blognation, the blog network that’s been embroiled in scandal and controversy for the past few weeks.

It’s too bad. If there’s one thing that disgraced entrepreneur Sam Sethi did, it was pull together a great team of talented writers in a network that had 13 localized sites around the world.

Such a waste.

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Neville Hobson

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  1. Dave Briggs

    It’s a fascinating story, remarkable that it all fits within a perfect 12 month time frame. Someone ought to rite it up, with both sides of the story’s input. It could be a moral tale 2.0…

  2. neville

    A great resource, Martyn, thanks. Haven’t had a moment to blog it myself yet, although I did tweet about it yesterday :)

    What would be great is a single RSS feed for all the content from everyone. If I get a sec over Christmas, I’ll create one with Grazr.

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