In memory of Marc Orchant

marcorchant A sad start to the week as I read the news that Marc Orchant died yesterday.

Marc was a writer at Blognation US. A week ago, he suffered a massive heart attack and has lain in hospital in a coma since then.

I’d never met Marc but I knew him, as one does with so many people in the blogosphere. In all my contact with him via email, blogs, Skype and Twitter, it felt as though we’d met.

I first encountered Marc in 2004 when he was a writer at Weblogs Inc. In the years since then, we maintained ongoing if infrequent contact – we both had a passion for things tech and Marc occasionally contributed to conversations in my blogs – and I have fond memories of engaging with a warm, helpful, friendly and so positive human being.

You will be sorely missed, Marc, by so many people.

My deepest sympathies to Marc’s family.

[Photo by Brian Solis]

Neville Hobson

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