UK most attuned to social networks

The UK has the most social networkers in Europe, with almost a fifth of all internet users regularly visiting sites like Bebo, Hi5, Facebook and MySpace.

According to BrandRepublic, that’s the key message in Social Networking Across Europe, a new report from Jupiter Research published last week.

Jupiter’s executive summary says this:

Localized site launches by and Bebo are aiming to drive European adoption of social networking sites, and the corresponding trend toward user personalization will increasingly lead to deconstruction of existing providers’ applications and content.

The report costs $1,500 (ouch!). That also gets you a 30-minute phone discussion with the analyst who wrote it.

In summarizing the report, BrandRepublic says that the UK has benefited from the English language bias of international social networks to become the country in Europe most attuned to social networks.

Offering different languages and different services according to nations is the key to gaining a large user base throughout Europe, the report found.

The growth of social network usage generally has prompted some reporting recently on the risks you can run online, eg, identity theft.

In the UK, this week (November 12-16) is Get Safe Online Awareness Week. The website (and related blog) has useful information on staying safe online.

Worth paying attention to, whether you’re in the UK or elsewhere.

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