Indicators of mobile web usage

Some interesting posts and discussion on the BBC Internet blog centered around Linux and how open source the BBC is with regard to its sites and its content.

What I found interesting are these stats included in Martin Bellam’s related post:


It’s not so much the raw numbers nor Bellam’s analysis:

[…] as a proportion of users, there are more Windows and Mac users of the domain than across the BBC as a whole. This, of course, could lend weight to the argument that the BBC News site is most often consumed during office hours, on networks that are locked down to the two major OS variants.

Or, I guess you could equally argue that it is the sheer weight of Linux, Sun and Unix users hitting the h2g2, Doctor Who and much-missed Cult site that skews the figures in the opposite direction.

No, what I find most interesting are the numbers related to visitors using mobile platforms.

Of the 14 operating systems shown in the clip-graphic above, I count 11 as mobile operating systems – Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Motorola, Symbian, Samsung, LG, Orange, Sagem, T-Mobile and O2.

They all may add up collectively to a relatively small percentage of overall site users compared to the majority on PCs, Windows and Macs, yet look at the actual numbers of people who use the sites from a mobile device – over 11 million to the main BBC sites and over 1 million for BBC News.

If my figures are about right, that’s around 4.4% of all visitors to the main BBC sites who get there from their mobile devices.

I doubt anyone would disagree that such usage will only grow. By how much is the question.

I’m hoping that we’ll see updated stats at the end of December.

And what about Linux, as Bellam’s post and others were primarily to do with that?

It’s only 0.01%, trailing in the distance behind mobile operating systems.

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