How a blog can help you get that job

If you’ve been writing a blog for any length of time, you’ll know that anything you publish online is discoverable (as in “I’m going to google so-and-so”) as well as connectable to content published by other people (think of automated linking when you reference someone else’s blog post and vice versa).

And if you’re job hunting, here’s a great example of how your writing can be instrumental in landing a new job.

FIR correspondent Dan York was laid off from his regular job a short while ago. He’d sought a new job without success and was considering going on his own.

Then, out of the blue, he got an email:

[…] it’s interesting to note how I wound up with the job. They found me through my blogging. They said in part that they found my blog through the post I wrote about how the phone no longer matters, which wound up getting some good distribution and links within the blogosphere. Once at my blog, they saw my posts about being let go from Mitel and the type of roles I was seeking… and it happened that they had been talking about bringing someone onboard to do those precise type of roles. They hadn’t posted a job description but were considering this… and contacted me as a result of seeing my posts about being available. I haven’t really distilled that all down into specific “lessons” yet, but it is interesting to me to see that the experiment of being very open in blogging about the whole employment transition did in fact work for me.

Powerful stuff, this social media.

Neville Hobson

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  1. Adam Denison

    I had a similar experience here at General Motors. I interned with the social media team over the summer, but prior to that I started up a blog on public relations. I did this for two reasons:
    A)to create a place to discuss more in-depth the things I was learning in my senior-level college PR class;
    B)to learn about blogging and how it to best use it.

    My blog was read by a number of GM execs during my internship. This helped keep my name out there. Long story short, I’m now full-time at GM!

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