Conversations at FIR Geek Dinner Oct 5

FIR Geek Dinner

A great success is how we would judge the first FIR Geek Dinner in the UK which took place in Windsor on Friday October 5, 2007.

As the photo indicates, we had a full house in the Ristorante Amalfi where nearly a dozen of us gathered over dinner. Many of us already knew each other; for some, it was a first time to meet.

In all cases, we had at least one thing in common – FIR and being part of its global community.

Guests game from far and wide. Co-host Neville Hobson and wife Laura from down the road in Wokingham. Co-host Shel Holtz and wife Michele from Concorde, California. Everyone else from the surroundings of London: Canterbury, Kingston, Chiseldon near Swindon, Amersham, Maidenhead and Hartley Wintney.

Who’s who, clockwise from left: Jed Baxter, Shel Holtz, Michele Holtz, Alan (?), Samantha Grant, Martyn Davies, Neville Hobson, Ronna Porter, Michael Blowers, David Phillips. Photographer (not pictured): Laura Hobson.

Others also took photos; you can see them at Flickr if they’re tagged firgeekdinner.

We had a blast! Thanks to everyone for being there.


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