Manchester City goes green

The City of Manchester football stadium – home to Manchester City FC – will soon be the first football ground in the world to be powered by sustainable energy when an 85-metre-high 3-megawatt wind turbine comes online next year.

When it’s fully operational, it will supply enough energy to meet the stadium’s power needs as well as thousands of nearby homes.

According to Pete Bradshaw, Social Responsibility Manager for Manchester City FC, the wind turbine is one of many steps the football club is taking to address climate change.

In a podcast published today, Bradshaw says:

[…] The steps that Manchester City have taken to combat climate change is a mixed bag really and it ranges from a major recycling project, right throughout our organization we have got everybody involved in looking at what we do with products, that ranges from paper to grass cuttings, to glass, plastics, cardboard a whole range of recycling projects that people are rewarded for throughout our organization. And we make sure that that’s done locally wherever possible and practical and we’ve reduced land fill by something like 94% over two years.

On September 27 at the Manchester City stadium, Greenpeace, Ecotricity (the contractor to build the wind turbine), Manchester City Council and Manchester City FC will be hosting the first regional UK presentation of The Convenient Solution, a film produced by Greenpeace about climate change and energy.

The environment group says the film is a follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, the film on climate change produced in 2006 by former US Vice President, Al Gore.

Disclosure: I produced the podcast mentioned above, one of a series on climate change and related topics for sponsored by LRQA. I don’t often talk about client projects here, but this relates to a subject – climate change and energy – I have clear views about.

So with disclosure, I’m more than happy to write about it in the hope that it will help raise awareness of a subject that concerns every one of us.

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  1. David Brain

    I did not know this Neville and as a City fan I am delighted. Obviously United need to attach a turbine to Alex F in order to make the most of all the hot air he spouts . . this may even provide enough energy to heat and light the whole city.

  2. neville

    Thanks David, likewise. Zurich was a great experience.

    Great suggestion re Alex F and the hot air! I’m a Reading fan myself :)

    Actually, there’s a massive great wind turbine just by the Madejski stadium. Not part of the stadium, as far as I know (although built by the same people doing the City turbine), but maybe some of that wind might help Reading do a darn sight better in the next home game than they did on Tues against Liverpool.

    Playing against City on Nov 24, I see…

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