On speaking and cricket

Heading into central London early this afternoon to speak at an event organized by Inferno PR during which research firm Loudhouse will be announcing the results of new research about business blogs and blogging in the UK.

Some very interesting facts here. I can’t blog about it yet so if you want to know those results, keep an eye out later today for a press release that Inferno will issue.

The event’s taking place at the media centre at Lord’s Cricket Ground. I’ve never visited before and if I were a cricket fan, I’d be ecstatic at the opportunity to be there. Well, even though I’m not a fan, it’s still a thrill to be at a place that is the mecca, so to speak, of a global sport.

I think I’ll take my new o2 Cocoon phone with me, try out the camera. Perhaps get a few cricketing shots!

So I won’t be live with Shel in today’s FIR. I did record a contribution for the show which I’ve sent to him so hopefully it will make it into the episode.

More later.

[Later] Inferno’s press release will now be going out some time on Friday. I plan to post commentary once I see that.

Neville Hobson

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  1. Bryan Person, Bryper.com

    Wow, the hallowed grounds of Lord’s — enjoy!

    Lots of buzz in cricket this week. The first-ever Cricket World Twenty20 tournament is on in South Africa, and my team — the Australians — fell in exhilaration fashion to Zimbabwe yesterday. The ICC has also announced a new annual Twenty20 Champions Tourney that involves $5 million in prize money. The hope is that it will bring some life back to the first-class game.

    Your American-crazed cricket reporter signing out … Back to you, Neville.

  2. neville

    Lords is an impressive place, Bryan. Looking at the main pitch, the one you see on TV, you get a very real sense of history; it’s almost majestic.

    I did take a few pics, will upload them to Flickr when I get a sec.

    Even though I’m not a big cricket fan, I do watch some of the internationals. And it’s great to see an American who loves the sport. Even better, one who actually understands it ;)

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