Windows Live Writer beta 3 available

If you use Windows Live Writer for your blog editing, as I do (notwithstanding glitches I’ve experienced), the latest beta 3 released on Wednesday looks like an essential upgrade.

WLW developer Joe Cheng has the details on what’s in this new release.

One thing I’m very glad to see that seems to be fixed with this release is an issue with the Bad Behaviour plugin on WordPress that resulted in problems publishing under certain circumstances.

I’d installed the fix for that issue but still encountered problems. To try and troubleshoot further, I’d disabled the plugin with the unwelcome result of seeing an immediate and ongoing increase in blog spam that actually made it to the blog although all trapped by Akismet.

Also fixed is an issue I experienced with publishing a post containing an image.

I’ll post more about WLW beta if I encounter any further issues.

This beta is apparently the last beta before the final version is released.

Neville Hobson

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